Doggy Merchandise

I Print Pomeranian envelopes, notepaper, A4 size wrapping paper for various occasions, I will soon venture into other breeds as well with all of my available items with I get suitable photos to work with.







Shopping Lists:
Doggie Notebooks:
$4.00 Each + Postage




 Show Results:
The Show Result books have roughly 4 pages for details of their shows.
-What Sort
-What Wins
- Place
Also pages for dogs details, pedigree, challange certificates, how many total points, prizes etc.
I do also offer to print a special photo of your own beloved pet on the results books for a one off charge of $5 Extra. So if you did want more than one book it would still be the flat $5 charge for the photo to cover all books.

$5.00 Each plus Postage



Christmas Cards w/ Matching Envelope 15-20 designs: 

$2.50 each + Postage





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Contact Details
Betty Taylor
Tamworth, NSW, Australia
Phone : Mob:0429952667
Email : [email protected]


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